Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Love Knows No Distance

Update: 95 shirts have been ordered!!! If you had wanted to buy a shirt, but something came up, I did order some extras. I am still waiting on some Youth Mediums to come in, but the other shirts have now been shipped.

When God called us to adopt, He could have called us to any child. He could have called us to a child right here, but for whatever reason, He called us to Henry and Elliette. It would have been significantly easier and much, much cheaper for him to call us to adopt children here, but, you see, God doesn't see distance. He sees children. He sees orphans who desperately need someone to love them...orphans who need someone, anyone, to be their voice.....orphans who need someone willing to fight for them - to show them that they are worth it. He sees children who are longing for love and acceptance. He sees children whose only hope is someone willing to go the distance for them. He doesn't see country lines. He doesn't see some children as more deserving because they happened to be born here. He just sees children...orphans in need of the love of a family.  To Him, there is no distance too great where His love can't reach. We are His hands, and His feet, and He has called us to love beyond the distance.

LOVE is greater than distance.

Whenever you have children, it is almost as if each of your children carries a piece of your heart with them wherever they are. When your children are in your arms, your heart feels safe. But, if for some reason, you are separated from your children, it is almost as if part of your heart is missing. Our hearts feel their absence, and our arms long to hold them, but their absence does not change our love for them.  LOVE is greater than any distance. 

When my son, Isaac, left my arms for heaven, he took part of my heart with him. I long to kiss his fuzzy face and to look into his eyes one more time. My heart feels his absence now with every breath that I take. My arms ache to hold him, but my love for him will never fade, because my love for him knows no distance. My love for him will last forever. Although we are separated between this earth and heaven, my love for him still lives on, because my deep LOVE for him is greater than any distance that separates us.

LOVE is greater than distance.

Right now, part of my heart is in China. Although we may be separated by oceans, and continents, and country lines, and 8,000 miles, my love for Henry and Elliette is greater than any distance. My arms long to hold them, and my heart longs to tell them how desperately they are loved and wanted. And although I physically sense their absence, and although they are over half a world away, my love does not see the distance, but rather it sees MY SON and MY DAUGHTER waiting for me to get to them. There is no country too far, there is no mountain too high, there is no price too great, that would keep me from getting to them. LOVE is greater than any distance.

There is no distance, as a parent, that I will not go to to protect, or advocate, or fight for my children. Just as we moved over 1,000 miles away to get Isaac the medical care that he needed, and traveled over 1,000 miles away again to get Max the care that he needed, we will travel any distance to get to our children who are waiting for us..waiting for us to LOVE advocate for protect fight for them.

LOVE knows no distance.

And, just as our love for our children is greater than any distance, our God's love is even greater. There is nothing that could ever separate us from His love. His love is greater than any distance. 

For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:38-39

LOVE is greater than any distance.

In keeping with this theme, I designed this shirt to help us bring Henry and Elliette home. I hope you love it as much as I do. The meaning behind this shirt is so significant to me. Love is greater than the distance that separates me from Henry and Elliette.......greater than the distance that separates me from Isaac......and greater than anything the could ever separate me from the love of my God.

I hope that you will proudly wear this shirt knowing that you have helped overcome the distance between two orphans and their forever family. What does "LOVE > DISTANCE" mean to you?

We will be taking orders until January 31st, at which point I will turn the order in for printing. Shirts should arrive to you within 2 weeks from the date the order is turned in.

This 3/4 Length Sleeves Soft Baseball Raglan is available in sizes Adult S-2XL and Youth M, L, and XL. If there is enough interest in smaller youth sizes, I can do a separate order for Youth XS and S. The price for each shirt is $29 with FREE shipping. You can purchase your shirt from the drop down menu on the right hand side of our blog.

Adult Size Chart

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