Saturday, April 11, 2015

We are HOME

THANK YOU to all of you who prayed and gave so sacrificially to help us bring Brave and "Saige" HOME!!!! In case you didn't follow our journey in China, I will give you an update on our time in country.

One March 25th, we met Brave and "Saige" for the very first time. Because Brave's orphanage was not too far from the Civil Affair's office, he was actually already there in another room when we arrived. Knowing he was already there, but that paperwork had to be finished before meeting him, just added to the anticipation. We could barely contain our excitement!

Before too long, we met the 2 newest members of our family. What an INCREDIBLE day! (I will update with better pictures soon)

The next day, I signed the paperwork and they officially became ours FOREVER!

On this day, March 26, 2015, they officially became:

Brave Malakai SanFeng


Ever Journey MaeLin

Son, daughter, brother, sister, family FOREVER

We spent the remaining time in China learning more about our newest family members, including the medical struggles of our son, filling out more paperwork, visiting Brave's orphanage, and spending time in a beautiful country full of such history and culture....but that will be left for another post.

THANK YOU for helping us bring Brave and Ever HOME!!!!!!

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