Friday, April 18, 2014

An Incredible Matching Grant!!!

It is so hard to believe that in just a matter of weeks Henry and Elliette will be in our arms!!! We already have our Letter of Acceptance from China, and we are now less than 6-10 weeks away from travel!!

We still have a ways to go in order to be fully funded, and we are on a very tight schedule as Elliette ages out very soon! 

We have given all that we can, and we have been working so hard to bring the rest of the funds in. Recently, we were given an INCREDIBLE BLESSING in the way of a $7,000 MATCHING GRANT!!!!!!! This is HUGE, friends!!! We will be nearly fully funded when we meet this matching grant. Our Reece's Rainbow account needs to read $16,001.28 in order for us to meet this grant! Will you please consider helping us meet this matching grant and help us bring Henry and Elliette home?! They have waited for so long!!

Those of you who donate towards our matching grant will be entered into our Ultimate Giveaway!!! There are some INCREDIBLE prizes left, including an IPad Mini and a mini vacation to Disney World, including 4 tickets to the theme park!!! 

You can donate directly towards our matching grant here! All donations are tax deductible!!


  1. I just donated 10.00. Wish it could be more!

  2. I was moved by your loving hearts and made a small donation. Hope you can meet this matching grant!

  3. Do we forward receipts to somewhere to be entered?

    1. No, you don't need to forward any receipts. I will get a list of donors directly from Reece's Rainbow. Thank you for asking!!

  4. Come on Disney - Gerry wants to go :) Hope our donation helps you get to your matching grant - that is awesome!!!

  5. I made a donation. Good luck! Miranda

  6. Praying you make your matching grant! I am so happy Elliette will be coming home soon. I have seen her on Waiting Child lists for many years now and have been drawn to her beautiful smile. We have three children adopted from China. Three years ago we brought home two boys who were foster brothers. The oldest was about to age out and has cerebral palsy. There have been plenty of challenges adopting an older child with special needs but I would definitely do it again and our son is a huge blessing to our family. Blessings to your family!