Monday, January 12, 2015

Be the Voice

Order was turned in Friday, January 23rd.

We received our Supplement 3 approval today (our approval from the US government)! Since we are medically expediting due to Brave's health, our government officer emailed us the approval right away so we wouldn't have to wait for it to come in the mail. It looks like we will be DTC (dossier to China) one week from today, and from there, because of the medical expedite, things should move VERY quickly. 

Just recently, the Chinese government changed their prices for logging in a dossier. Since our dossier (our pile of adoption documents) will be submitted to the Chinese government after January 1st, our fees for our dossier have increased in price. In order for our dossier to be sent to China on Monday, we have a very large check covering our dossier, as well as some international processing/agency fees, that needs to be written by Friday and overnighted to our agency. We cannot afford for our dossier to be delayed. Every day that our son waits is a huge risk that his heart could deteriorate beyond repair.

Right now, we are fighting for his very life. I am working day and night to make sure that money never stands in the way of getting to him as quickly as possible. We are his voice, and we will fight for him with everything we have.We will do everything we can to make sure that he at least has a chance at life.

And so, introducing my newest design to help us raise those funds as quickly as possible. I am very excited about this design, and I hope you love it as much as I do.

"Be the voice for those who have no voice."


Each shirt includes FREE domestic shipping. They are available in 3 different styles, a triblend v-neck, a triblend 3/4 sleeve raglan, and a triblend flowy dolman. These are the softest shirts you will likely ever own. They are extremely high quality. You will not be disappointed!

Now, for the details...

The triblend v-necks are $26 with FREE domestic shipping. They are a unisex sizing and EXTREMELY soft!

The triblend 3/4 sleeve raglans are $29 with FREE domestic shipping. They are a unisex sizing and EXTREMELY soft!

The flowy dolmans are $29 with FREE domestic shipping. They are a women's fit sizing and EXTREMELY soft! They are roomy at the top and more fitted at the waist. Some people think they run small and some think they run true to size. I size up when ordering this shirt because I like a little more room in my waist.

You can order the shirts using the payment buttons on the right hand side of our blog. Please order a shirt or two and share these shirts with your friends.

Of course, if you prefer to just donate to help us bring Brave and Ever (Saige) home, we won't stop you, haha. You can do so using the top right button on our blog.

Thank you for helping us BE THE VOICE for Brave and Ever!!!!

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