Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hero Hearts for Brave

Only 1 day left to order. All orders will be turned in on Thursday morning, 11 AM EST, so that the shirts can be printed and shipped out in time for Valentine's Day!!! 

In honor of Heart Defect Awareness Week coming up, and in honor of Valentine's Day, and especially in honor of my 3 heart boys and remembrance of my sweet baby boy, I introduce to you Hero Hearts for Brave. All profits from these shirts will go towards helping us bring our 10 year old son with an unrepaired severe heart defect home from China.

I hope that you will buy one of these shirts for the Heart Hero/Heart Warrior in your life, while spreading heart defect awareness, and all while helping us bring our 10 year old son, Brave, home. Due to him being an orphan, his complex heart defect has gone unrepaired and he has now developed severe pulmonary hypertension. He is receiving zero medical care in China. In fact, he has been labeled as terminal in China, so there is nothing that will be done for him there. Every day he waits, there is the risk that he could leave this earth never knowing the love of a family. Please consider buying a shirt and helping us bring our son HOME so that he can receive the medical care he so desperately needs! 

Our dossier (all of our adoption paperwork) was sent to China last week. Our agency expects us to have our dossier logged into the system soon, at which time they will request an expedite due to our son, Brave's, health. We have already been expediting this side of the adoption with the help of our cardiac team in Boston. We could potentially be traveling to China to bring our son and daughter home in March if the medical expedite goes smoothly!!!

We are currently short approximately $16,000 to bring them both home. That alone seems like such an overwhelming task, but it is nothing in comparison to what our heart warriors go through every day. They are AMAZING heroes, and I am so proud to call 4 of them mine. 

 Isaac: HLHS, Hypoplastic Branch Pulmonary Arteries/MAPCAS, COA, BAV

Max: TOF/PA, Hypoplastic Branch Pulmonary Arteries/MAPCAS

Koah: COA (functionally interrupted aortic arch), BAV

Brave: TGA, VSD, severe PH

One in 100 children are born with a Congenital Heart Defect. Some say it is one in 110, and some say there are even more than one in 100. Whichever way you call it, that is a whole lot of children who are born with heart defects every. single. day. CHD has already claimed far too many lives, including our baby boy, Isaac.

Our sweet boy, Isaac, knew he was fiercely loved every second of every day, but our son, Brave, has faced this heart world ALONE for 10 years. He has had no one to fight for one to be his voice. PLEASE help us get to our son, Brave, before it is too late!!!!!!!

So, here are the details of the shirts. The baseball raglans are a soft poly/cotton blend. They are available in toddler sizes (size 2, 3, 4, and 5/6) as well as Youth Sizes (S (6/8), M (10/12), and L (14/16)). They are available in the following colors: Vintage Heather/Vintage Red, Vintage Heather/Vintage Pink, and Vintage Heather/Vintage Navy. The 3/4 sleeve baseball raglan shirts are $30 with FREE domestic shipping. The bodysuits are also a soft vintage heather poly/cotton blend. They are a front design only. They are available in infant sizes (6 months, 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months) and in vintage red, vintage pink, or vintage navy. The bodysuits are $25 with FREE domestic shipping. You can purchase the shirts using the buttons on the right side of our blog.

In order to get these shirts out in time for Valentine's Day, I will only be taking orders until 11AM EST this Thursday morning, January 29th.  That will allow time for the shirts to be printed and then shipped out. PLEASE, PLEASE share these shirts with your friends and help us bring BRAVE HOME!!!!!!

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