Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Heart Belongs to a Heart Warrior

The order has now been turned in. You heart families are AMAZING!!!!! Nearly 100 orders in less than 24 hours!!!!!! Thank you all SO MUCH for sharing our shirts and purchasing them!!!! Not only will you be spreading CHD awareness, but you will be helping our son come home to the love and medical care that every child deserves!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

I recently designed some Heart Warrior shirts to help spread CHD awareness, as well as raise some funds towards the remaining funds we need to raise to bring our son with a severe unrepaired heart defect home from China. I had several people request an adult shirt, and so I got to work designing a shirt that would be perfect for anyone whose life has been touched by a heart warrior. These are not only for those of you whose heart warriors are still fighting their battles on this earth, but for those of you whose heart warriors are no longer in your arms. Although my son Isaac is no longer in my arms, he will always be my amazing heart warrior. I am SO SO proud of how hard he fought, and I am so proud of my heart boys who are still in my arms. I know all of you feel the same way about the amazing heart heroes in your life, whether they are still in your arms, or not. 

And, so, introducing, "My Heart Belongs". They are available in raglans ($30 - front and back design), v-necks ($26), and t-shirts ($24). There are 2 different brands of raglans, so please read about those at the bottom of the post. The raglans are $30 each with free shipping. Please note, the pink sleeved raglan is only available in a size L and XL, all other raglans are available in size S-XXL. You can order the shirts using the drop down menus on the right hand side of the blog.

These shirts are also available in a very soft marble triblend v-neck (front design only). The v-necks are $26 with free shipping. The available colors are marble navy, marble maroon, marble white, and marble charcoal and the sizes available are XS-XXL. 

They are also available in a triblend t-shirt. The t-shirts are $24 with free domestic shipping. The available t shirt colors are triblend red, triblend navy, and triblend berry and the sizes are S-XXL. All shirts are unisex sizing.

There are 2 different brands of raglans available (Canvas brand and LAT brand). I personally prefer the Canvas, but they don't have that brand available in toddler/youth sizes. So, if you are wanting a raglan that will be an exact match to the Heart Warrior shirts you ordered for your heart warrior (Heart Warrior shirts available here: Hero Hearts for Brave), you will want to order the LAT brand. The main differences are that the LAT brand is a poly/cotton blend, while the Canvas is a triblend (poly/cotton/rayon), so the Canvas brand is a thin and extremely soft shirt. The LAT brand is still very soft, it is just not quite as soft. Also, the Canvas hems are a finished hem, and the LAT brand has a serged hem. They both look great and are almost identical in price, it just depends on what you prefer.You can't go wrong with either brand.

Canvas Brand (available in triblend navy sleeves and triblend red sleeves - don't have a mock up of the triblend red, yet)

LAT Brand (available in vintage navy sleeves, vintage red sleeves, and vintage pink sleeves, although vintage pink is only available in L and XL)

Please consider ordering a shirt (or a few). Not only would you be spreading CHD awareness and how proud you are of your heart warrior, but you would be helping us bring our son home to love before it is too late!

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